The Industrial Company’s Guide to Reinventing Sales

The Machine challenges the status quo of traditional sales and then presents a radical new business model that will enable your organization to outpace your competitors.

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What Our Readers Say

  • "We doubled our top-line revenue in the year following our implementation of The Machine and are applying these same concepts to an international company we just acquired and seeing the same sort of gains in effectiveness. Justin's book is providing us with an even deeper understanding of the principles that changed our company and continue to drive our sales."
    Aubrey Meador, President of ARCA
  • "There's no reason for the sales department to be the least predictable and most chaotic part of a company. The Machine brings order by removing non-sales work from salespeople and replacing it with centralized scheduling, standardized workflows, specialized resources and formalized management. The Machine offers a proven system for growing sales in an organized, consistent way."
    Andrew Warner, Founder of Mixergy
  • "In his provocative book, The Machine , Justin Roff-Marsh has thoughtfully and forcefully challenged the status quo as it pertains to the design of the sales function. Some readers will be angry, some dismissive, and a select few will be enlightened by this alternative approach. We fall in the latter camp and have found Justin's approach to be a true asset for growing sales in today's complex selling environment!"
    Mike Schleyhahn, President of Swagelok San Diego
  • "The Machine will challenge everything you know about the sales process! It makes a lot of sense, passes all the logical tests, and in the end, might just keep you awake at night. We worked hard to implement a number of these concepts in our organization and I can attest that the ideas are valid and the payoffs are real."
    Jeff Stuart, President of Hydra-Power Systems Inc.