The death of
field sales

and other provocative ideas that challenge the status quo of traditional sales

This book shows how to generate up to 11X more selling conversations for salespeople compared to what your competitors are doing—without adding significant expenses.

The Machine: A Radical Approach To
The Design Of The Sales Function
Hardcover & Kindle by Justin Roff-Marsh

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What our readers say

  • "We doubled our top-line revenue in the year following our implementation of The Machine and are applying these same concepts to an international company we just acquired and seeing the same sort of gains in effectiveness. Justin's book is providing us with an even deeper understanding of the principles that changed our company and continue to drive our sales."

    Aubrey Meador, President of ARCA

  • "There's no reason for the sales department to be the least predictable and most chaotic part of a company. The Machine brings order by removing non-sales work from salespeople and replacing it with centralized scheduling, standardized workflows, specialized resources and formalized management. The Machine offers a proven system for growing sales in an organized, consistent way."

    Andrew Warner, Founder of Mixergy

  • "In his provocative book, The Machine , Justin Roff-Marsh has thoughtfully and forcefully challenged the status quo as it pertains to the design of the sales function. Some readers will be angry, some dismissive, and a select few will be enlightened by this alternative approach. We fall in the latter camp and have found Justin's approach to be a true asset for growing sales in today's complex selling environment!"

    Mike Schleyhahn, President of Swagelok San Diego

  • "The Machine will challenge everything you know about the sales process! It makes a lot of sense, passes all the logical tests, and in the end, might just keep you awake at night. We worked hard to implement a number of these concepts in our organization and I can attest that the ideas are valid and the payoffs are real."

    Jeff Stuart, President of Hydra-Power Systems Inc.

  • "Justin's approach to addressing the tired structure of traditional sales environments is nothing short of revolutionary. The Machine shows management how to drive growth with a tightly synchronized machine, as an alternative to herding individual salespeople. There's no question that this book will be a great investment for any executive that runs a sales team."

    Paul O'Dwyer, Author and Business growth coach

  • "As an operations guy, I'm driven by process, efficiency, and repeatability. The notion that the sales function is an art immune from the rigors of process has never sat well with me. The Machine shatters that myth. The Machine is a must read for any business leader wanting to achieve predictable results from their sales function."

    Marc Allman, COO of AMS Controls

What's inside the book?

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  • The Titanic is sinking
  • Quiet revolutionaries
  • Are things really that bad?
  • A new assumption
Chapter 1:
After the revolution
  • Four appointments a day, five days a week
  • Management by numbers
  • Arresting the decline
  • Theory into practice
Chapter 2: Four key principles
(and how to win a boat race)
  • Why do we persist?
  • How did we get here?
  • Directions of the solution
  • Putting division of labor to work:
    four key principles
Chapter 3:
Re-envisioning the sales function
  • Principle 1: Centralize scheduling
  • Principle 2: Standardized workflows
  • Principle 3: Specialize resources
  • Principle 4: Formalize management
Chapter 4:
The death of field sales
  • The modern field salesperson is a misnomer
  • Why customers postpone interaction with salespeople
  • The inside-out approach to sales
  • The economics of inside sales

Is your sales process broken?

Let's be honest. Sales in a typical organization (most organizations in fact), is seriously broken. But rather than focusing on the obvious dysfunction, management is busy with incremental improvement initiatives:

  • Sales training
  • Sales force automation (technology of various types)
  • New commission structures and incentives

Trouble is, none of these activities actually address the root cause of the dysfunction. Sure, they may offer a temporary lift but things always go back to the way they were.

  • Salespeople go back to spending most of their time chasing production and meeting the various non-selling demands on their time AND little of their time selling.
  • New markets and business opportunities get ignored in the chase for quick sales and low hanging fruit.
  • Sales and the other departments (particularly fulfilment) regularly erupt to conflict.
  • And the silo between marketing and sales is so huge that you'd be forgiven for thinking they worked for different companies.

A new, better alternative to sales

The Machine presents a radically different approach to the design and management of the sales function. It challenges the standard sales models and presents a radically new environment where salespeople just sell (up to 30 selling conversations per day).

And an environment where all other activities are performed by a tightly synchronized, head-office-based, sales-support team. We call this new way of thinking Sales Process Engineering (SPE). Those organizations (and there are many) that apply SPE discover the following benefits:

  • A huge increase in the volume of selling conversations (on a per-person basis).
  • A significant increase in the territory that can be covered by the existing sales team.
  • A dramatic improvement in customer-service quality.
  • NO increase in operating expenses.