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Bonus One
Beyond The Machine Short Course

Beyond The Machine is a six-lesson video short course that builds on what you've learned in The Machine with practical advice and valuable tips from the trenches.

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Extracts from Class 2

Course curriculum

  • CLASS 1: Meaningful Selling Interactions
  • CLASS 2: A Powerhouse Customer Service Team
  • CLASS 3: How to Generate Sales Opportunities
  • CLASS 4: How to Prosecute Sales Opportunities
  • CLASS 5: How to Harness the Power of Technology
  • CLASS 6: How to Manage Your Sales Function

Bonus Two:
Free access to the Ballistix Resource Center

This is the one-stop resource for Practioners of the Sales Process Engineering (SPE) methodology outlined in The Machine. It is the culmination of Justin's 20 plus years working with clients to implement Sales Process Engineering (SPE) in their businesses.

You'll get access to:

  •   Sample job ads and position descriptions for all the key roles
  •   Appointment setting scripts and sample email campaigns for lead generation
  •   Tools to help you keep track of Meaningful Sales Interactions (MSI's)
  •   Plus, lots, lots more